Appalachian Piecework: Textile and History Delight Customers

Appalachian Piecework Preserves Old Textile Crafts


 Shibori Scarf
Shibori Scarf

“I just love the old textiles,” Laurie Gundersen of Appalachian Piecework says. Her love is obvious. Located at the Train Station in downtown Staunton, every part of Gundersen’s shop is a piece of local Shenandoah Valley history told through her skilled hands.

That’s why when we have guests here at the Inn at Old Virginia who are particularly interested in history, we tell them they have to go to Laurie’s shop!

There they will find items that were once a part of everyday 19th-century life. The difference?

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Historic Staunton Foundation: Winter Wine Weekend 2018

About the Historic Staunton Foundation

Old Historic Staunton Foundation
1894 Staunton Hotel before Renovation

You might think the Historic Staunton Foundation is a Non-Profit that’s stuck in the past. No, not stuck, inspired by it! While HSF is dedicated to preserving historic buildings here in Staunton, it is equally dedicated to preserving and revitalizing neighborhoods and communities.

Preserving our local culture and the stories associated with it is certainly part of their mission but so is restoring worn out buildings that ultimately build a sense of community pride!

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Reunion Bakery & Espresso: A European Style Cafe

Reunion Bakery & Espresso Raises the Bar on Coffee & Pastries

Brian Hollar
Brian Hollar

Bryan Hollar is a corporate dropout, and he likes that just fine. In fact, when you talk to him, it’s hard to even imagine him in a suit and tie.

Likeable and easy to talk with, we learned his passion for America’s go-to combo, coffee and pastries, started after he quit Corporate America.

“It was a confluence of factors that led me to baking,” he said on a relatively quiet Monday morning in his cafe, Reunion Bakery & Espresso.

In a quest to carve out a new career beginning, he took a couple of trips abroad and hung out with a close friend who became an oven builder.

He then moved to Pennsylvania and worked for a high-end French pastry shop as a “lowly pastry assistant.” In two years, he worked his way up to managing the kitchen that baked croissants.Read More

Fearless Girls, Wise Women & Beloved Sisters: An Inn Favorite

Fearless Girls, Wise Women & Beloved Sisters: A Gift Shop Favorite

Fearless Girls, Wise Women &. Beloved SistersAbout a year ago, the Inn at Old Virginia had the pleasure of meeting Kathleen Ragan, author of the book, Fearless Girls, Wise Women & Beloved Sisters.

She stayed as a guest and has returned often, allowing us an opportunity to get to know her. A quick wit, Kathleen has a natural knack for conversation and storytelling.

When she explained the premise of her book, we were intrigued. What makes a heroine?

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A Classic and A Modern Tale of Christmas from Blackfriars Theater

Blackfriars Theater Warms Up the Holidays with These Plays

A Christmas CarolAttending a play at the American Shakespeare Center is always a treat, any time of the year. But during the holidays? Blackfriars is a must! And this season is no exception.

Each year, ASC presents Dickens’ classic play, A Christmas Carol, with all the exuberance and enthusiasm you would expect from this world-class theater.

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The Season of Magic in Downtown Staunton!

Downtown Staunton Offers Plenty of Shopping and Holiday Magic


Christmas in Downtown StauntonWith Thanksgiving fast approaching, holiday momentum is building in downtown Staunton. The season of magic is upon us!

Guests at the Inn at Old Virginia love spending time with us during the holiday season. Why? There’s so much fun stuff to do while getting in a little shopping.

Because Staunton is an historic town, you can experience both the magic and charm of all that Christmas stands for, while browsing for restaurants and shops on your smart phone!

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Bluestone Vineyard: A Hidden Gem in the Shenandoah Valley

Jackie Hartman
Jackie Hartman working at Bluestone Vineyard in the early days of the business.

The Bluestone Vineyard is a gem of a winery tucked away in the small town of Bridgewater, VA, about 20 minutes north of the Inn. The 22-acre vineyard processes 5,000 cases of wine each year.

But it hasn’t always been like that. Jackie and Curt Hartman started planting grapes on the property in 2003, strictly for personal use. Then, in 2007, they decided to make it a business.

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Staunton History and the Inn at Old Virginia

People come from all over the world to learn about the Shenandoah Valley’s prominent role in history. And we certainly have a lot to offer!

But this time, we’re going to focus on local Staunton history.

Tourists and history enthusiasts alike are generally surprised and delighted at the richness of our own history. Because the Inn at Old Virginia has such an intricate history with Staunton, we thought you might enjoy seeing that historical journey.

Here are some tidbits about our local history and how the Inn at Old Virginia fits in.

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Nobos Kitchen: Really Good Beer-Infused Food

Ben Demory and Carter Raab
Ben Demory and Carter Raab

Ben Demory had a powerful entrepreneurial itch. He had a great job working at Augusta Health, and he liked his job. There was only one problem. He loved to cook.

He met up with Carter Raab who, at the time, had his own food truck, Farm Fresh Fixins. Carter graduated from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute and was making a name for himself locally with his Appalachian-inspired cuisine.

Wanting to start his own food truck, Ben picked Carter’s brain as much as possible. As Ben learned more about the food truck business, the two became friends.

Then fate intervened. Seven Arrows brewery in Waynesboro approached Carter about leasing the kitchen. That’s when Carter approached Ben and Nobos Kitchen was born.

The two officially opened March 3rd of this year.

What You Can Expect from the Nobos Kitchen

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Mill Street Grill: A Diner’s Delight



Mill Street GrillMill Street Grill has been tempting and pleasing palates since 1992. Located in an old flour mill, the White Star Mill, this local favorite just never seems to fall short with its array of dishes.

So when our guests ask, “Where’s a good place to eat?” Mill Street is one of the restaurants we recommend with confidence! And while it’s very important that the food is good, the restaurant’s atmosphere must also be a welcoming one.

Not a problem here! Mill Street is known for their accommodating and friendly staff.

What Does Mill Street Grill Have On The Menu?

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