Fearless Girls, Wise Women & Beloved Sisters: An Inn Favorite

Fearless Girls, Wise Women & Beloved Sisters: A Gift Shop Favorite

Fearless Girls, Wise Women &. Beloved SistersAbout a year ago, the Inn at Old Virginia had the pleasure of meeting Kathleen Ragan, author of the book, Fearless Girls, Wise Women & Beloved Sisters.

She stayed as a guest and has returned often, allowing us an opportunity to get to know her. A quick wit, Kathleen has a natural knack for conversation and storytelling.

When she explained the premise of her book, we were intrigued. What makes a heroine?

How Kathleen Ragan Came Up with The Idea for Her Fairytale Anthology

Kathleen Ragan
Kathleen Ragan

When Kathleen’s kids were small, she read to them a lot!  But, “…I got the sense that there were more little heroes than little heroines,” Kathleen told us. “So I decided to write a picture book with a heroine.”

Great idea!

But that’s when it hit her. “…I came to realize that I didn’t really know what would constitute a heroine. I could think of this or that thing, but I hadn’t really considered what a heroine would be.”

When doing research for Fearless Girls, Wise Women & Beloved Sisters, Ragan anticipated finding stories about female warriors but instead, a new class of heroines emerged.

A New Way to Define What It Means To Be A Heroine

As Kathleen Ragan did her research, she poured over 30,000 tales to find 100 or more to include in her anthology.IOVA Gift Shop

The result was not what she expected. “I anticipated finding tales of women warriors, intelligent women, and courageous women. However, a whole new class of heroines emerged.”

Some of the women in these stories didn’t fit the traditional view of heroism. For example:


  • A woman who sensed the importance of an insignificant looking coin
  • A girl who loved to dance
  • A woman who told a story

How do these simple, yet important, actions constitute heroism? We encourage you to read the book! You can find it on Amazon.

Or, if you live locally or a guest at the Inn, pick it up at our gift shop. People love it so much that we have a hard time keeping it in stock!

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